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Loc Bangs!!! Do you remember rocking bangs? Well I do, but I haven't had bangs in a long time since my locs started getting longer and longer.  There are several ways to get bangs without necessarily cutting your locs...faux bangs.  They are great because you can get instant bangs and change them if you grow tired of them.  Below are a few faux bang tutorial to add to your hair style regimen.  


1.  Joy Marilie: Faux Bangs and Bun

Joy has a quick and easy take on the bang with ponytail / bun look.  You can do this style if you are stepping out and need something effortless and flattering.



2.  ibyl: Loc Style Tutorial | 8 Faux Bangs Style

This video gives you not one, not two but eight ideas for a faux bangs.  Its a good video with slight variations on the bangs that anyone can follow but may not of thought of.  It is a 20 minute video but worth it to see these styles.  You are sure to walk away with your favorite go to style.



3.  Niyya Tenee:  Nerissa Irving Inspired Faux Loc Bang and Curly Loc Bun

Niyya's hair is beautiful and long and but I'm sure this tutorial will be great for mid-length locs.  Its genius!!



4.  Barbaydian261: Loc Bun and Tutorial

I love this hair style because its two styles in one.  It may have been an accidental style but I always need styles like this when I'm setting my hair for curls.    




5.  Jasmine Rose: Loc Tutorial | On the Fringe

This style is soooo cute.  The fringe bangs look more like cut bangs and are a nice change on the faux bang scene.



6.  P. R. Charles: Sisterlocks Nicki Minaj - Cleopatra Inspired Hair Style (Loc  Petal Bangs)

This sisterlock petal bang tutorial can work regular locs with some adjustments.  It's cute.  



8. Jungle Barbie: Quick and Easy Lock Hairstyle Tutorial with a Sweeping Bang

This faux bang is a nice simple sweeping bang. Its a little more conservative but it works.



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