I’ve Placed my Hopes and Dreams on an Electronic Vision Board

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Adana Collins' Vision Board in progress
The universe has been pointing me in the right direction to create a vision board for a while now.  In the mornings I listen to the Steve Harvey Morning show and he has mentioned the importance of creating a vision board.  Of course Ms. Oprah Winfrey is down with vision boards and probably has been down with it for a while.  My cousin Abiola created a video about vision boards last year and this year she had an amazingly inspiring google hangout about creating vision boards with Damali Abrams, ...and how vision boards can help to for what you want and manifest it.
So here I am today ready to create a vision board.  At first I bought a magazine in search for images and words that depict my goals and dreams but that seems like the slow route for me especially since I didn't have much time or magazines and once I create a massive board with my hopes and dreams where would I put it in an office with all windows.  Anyway I prefer to be able to see it daily, hourly if necessary. 
Steve Harvey has an image of his on his phone, why can't I? So I went in search of an program/software something that would allow me to have an electronic vision board.  Online many people directed me to pinterest and while pinterest is an amazing tool for gathering images, I won’t be able to see my vision board if I’m not constantly logged into pinterest.  I’m the hard head learner, you know the learn from experience person, a visual learner and I know I would forget about my vision board.  I needed something that would haunt me at every turn if need be and I found it.  
I came across a program called DreamItAlive.  Its a free electronic vision board program that will allow you to use their generic images or upload your own images.  You can share your vision with the world or keep it private.  And best of all you can download the completed board as image. 
The image of my vision board is now my desktop image, screensaver on my phone and I have printed it out in full color to put on my bedroom mirror.  If I didn't want everyone in the house to be in my business I would have put it on the refrigerator door. 

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