Celebrate, then Defend your Locs / Dreadlocks

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I recently had an interview with Abiola Abrams a few weeks ago about this very topic. 
Finally this issue is being addressed publicly.  Guiliana’s public comment is a reflection of how many feel when they see people with locs.  How do you look at a young woman in an elegant dress, looking flawless on the Red Carpet and claim she looked like a hippie because of her hair. Bull! This is an example of the issues people with locs have to deal with on the train, in stores and at work.   People who work in the corporate world are always concerned about maintaining a certain converative, neat look because  they don’t want to be perceived as a dirt, pot smoking hippie.  It doesn’t matter what setting you are in once they see your locs you suddenly loose respect and are labelled.  There are many who secretly wish they could loc their hair but are afraid of not being taken seriously, or treated with respect.  
Brava Zendaya for putting her in check, we should all take a page from this your woman’s book and continue to shame the ignorance out of this society.  Celebrate your locs and adorn them.  

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