"New" Adjustable Loc Jewelry that Fits

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Lovable Adjustable Hair Bead

I have been making loc jewelry for several years.  At first it was my own baby locs and soon after I offered them for sale on Etsy.  I loved creating special pieces of jewelry to adorn locs and always enjoyed making my customers happy but struggled with sizing.  The beauty and size of locs are in the eye of the beholder.  Some are large and chunky, while others are thin and delicate and I understood that one size definitely did not fit all.  So I started my journey to figure out sizes, just like when you buy clothing from a store; small, medium and large and let's not forget our sisterlock wears.  But I still wanted to create something that can fit most loc sizes regardless of if your hair is already in an updo hairstyle or not.  I also want to make it so it can be placed on any part of the hair.  And I did it!


Yes girl, I did it!  I created an adjustable hair jewelry that can fit on most locs, dreadlocks, braids, and twists.  I'm pretty proud of my creation and I'm happy to offer it to you.  It's been tested, by me personally and some of my top customers have given me amazing feedback about how easy it was to use.  So no more trying to figure out your size, just pick one up, add it to your hair and enjoy!


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