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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our community.  

Lovable Treasures Kiva Small Business = Small Loan

Think about it. Who do you get your favorite foods from, dry cleans your clothing, and takes care of your children during the day?  Now how many of them are small businesses or started out as a small business?  I'm sure many of them.  

I love my jerk chicken from Golden Crust.  They may be a franchise restaurant now, but once upon a time Lowell Hawthorne started this business in his home in Jamaica, and look at where he is now.

Mr. Hawthorne did not build his empire by himself and by no means did he do it without out money but he did it and every small business deserves that opportunity to build their business to it's full potential.  

Lovable Treasures Crowdfunding Loan

Lovable Treasures is a small family entertainment and accessories company that offers face painting, balloon twisting, henna, handmade jewelry and more.  Currently, we have an online store at, an etsy store at, operate a face and body art booth in Flushing Meadow Park in front of Fantasy Forest Carousel (near the Queens Zoo) and hold a major corporate contract to provide face painting and balloon twisting for birthday parties in multiple locations.  We have two seasonal employees and we hire independent contractors in the industry.  

Lovable Treasures Kiva Crowdfunding Campaign

We are working with to raise funding for the business.  Kiva helps small businesses like us to receive loans via a crowdfunding campaign.  The loan will be used to expand the company by hiring additional employees, provide training, and purchase additional supplies.  We are asking for a small loan of $25, $50, $100 or more to pool together with the other lenders to reach our campaign goal.  Of course your loan will be repaid and it will be matched, so a little bit goes a long way.  So far we have raised 50% of our goal and are seeking your help. I have designed a few incentives to help make your immediate cost worthwhile and eventually these incentives will be free because your loan will be returned.

Lovable Treasures Free Dreadlock Loc Jewelry Kiva Campaign

Free Loc Jewelry with a contribution to our Kiva loan

You will receive a coupon with the value of $30 after your make a loan of $25 or more to our Kiva campaign.  You can them use that coupon with your next purchase of $30 worth of loc jewelry.  Your are required to pay for shipping.  

Step 1:  Go to and make a loan.

Step 2:  Forward your kiva confirmation email me at 

Step 3:  We will email you the $30 coupon code only to be used on loc jewelry purchases at 

Step 4:  Go to, add your loc jewelry to the cart, enter the coupon code at checkout, pay for shipping and place your order.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Lovable Treasures Crowdfunding Loan

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