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I am very happy to present the adjustable hair cuff. It opens to accommodate the larger size locs and squeezes smaller for the smaller size locs. You can clip it on your hair after it has been styled and easily switch it to match the next day's style and look.

More styles available.

This hair bead is available in various metals such as silver, copper, and brass.

Pick one.

Take a look at this video to see how to put it on,

This is not appropriate for sisterlocks due to the size, unless you want to put a few together in the cuff. Also if you have very large locs please contact me for a special size.

If your hair is larger or small, contact me for custom sizes and styles. Measure the width (diameter) of the hair with a ruler before you purchase.
How to Measure Your Locs: Generally, we all have locs of slightly different sizes.  Pick a loc to measure.  Take a yellow number #2 pencil and hold the pencil directly behind the pencil in order to compare the diameter of your loc to the pencil.  If you loc is smaller than the pencil then you will need a size small (unless you have sisterlocks).  But if your loc is larger than the pencil then you will need a large, or if its much larger than the pencil consider ordering an extra large. Please feel free to contact me in regards to your sizing if you are not sure, send me a picture of your locs, I'm happy to help.

How to Put On Your Hair Bead: View visual directions here
Find a loc, dreadlock, braid or twist that is approximately the same width as the coil, and gently push it through the opening on the top or bottom. Twist gently* until the end of your hair passes through the coil and gently pull through to your desired position.

*If the coil is too tight on your hair DO NOT force it, try another section of hair, this should gently glide over the hair.
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