Heart Dreadlock Bead Dread Accessories

  • $ 1000

This beautiful handmade hair coil was made to enhance your hair, with color and elegance. Adorn your locs, braids and twists with these coils.

This hair bead is available in various metals: silver, copper, brass or bronze.  Pick one.

Sizes (petite for sisterlocks, small - 4/5mm, medium - 6/7mm, large - 9-10mm). If your hair is larger or small, contact me for custom sizes and styles. Measure the width (diameter) of the hair with a ruler before you purchase.


Dreadlocks & Locks -  Go to to view visual directions .
Find a loc, dreadlock, braid or twist that is approximately the same width as the coil, and gently push it through the opening on the top or bottom. Twist gently* until the end of your hair passes through the coil and gently pull through to your desired position. *If the coil is too tight on your hair DO NOT force it, try another section of hair, this should gently glide over the hair.

Sisterlocks & Loose hair - go to for a visual directions on how to put the bead on your hair with a threader
Open the threader a little and put the end of the hair your would like to add the bead to in the threader.  Then put the end of the threader (with your hair in it) in the hole of the bead and pull through.  Your bead should be on your hair. It it feels loose on your hair, you could put the bead on a bigger section of hair or your can tie a small hair rubber band underneath the bead.  The bead will stay on the hair by it self if it fits snuggly on the hair.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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